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Can you return food at a restaurant and not have to pay for it?

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I had a lunch with an old friend who I haven't seen in quite a long time. We decided to eat a local restaurant that was somewhat more expensive than where I typically dine.My friend ordered a roast beef panini that cost $20. When the panini was served, my friend took one look at it and told the server that it wasn't what she was expecting. She told the server she didn't like way the cheese was melted on it. So, my friend ordered a hamburger.
The server had no problems with this. They took the panini away and brought out a hamburger. At the end of the meal, I was given the panini boxed up to take home and we were NOT billed for it.I was somewhat shocked by this. I have never tried to return food at a restaurant that I ordered just because I didn't like the look of it. If there is something wrong with the meal (undercooked or overcooked for example,) I've sent it back, though. I guess my friend is a very picky eater as she told me that the look of the panini just turned her off. I am wondering if maybe this is accepted practice at restaurants - maybe there is nothing wrong with this?So, for my future restaurant eating reference, I am wondering if restaurants are OK with diners sending food back and asking for different items? Any thoughts are appreciated.

Please help.

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